About the electronic library

The e-library is a searchable database of electronic documents, developed for the European Commission and Member States in the implementation of Community wildlife trade controls.

Access to the library

Many documents within the e-library relate to confidential meetings of the EU Scientific Review Group (SRG) and are accessible only to CITES Authorities of the EU Member States through a secure log-in. However, some documents, including proposals to amend the CITES appendices, are publically accessible.

Representatives of EU CITES Authorities can request a username and password to access the e-library by contacting species@unep-wcmc.org

Search the e-library

All documents within the e-library are linked to:

  • a species listed in the EC Annexes (A-D), and/or
  • a country (either the country of origin or country which submits a document), and
  • a category (e.g. meetings of the SRG or Conference of the Parties)

A species, country or category must be selected to retrieve documents within the library.

CITES nomenclature

The current CITES accepted standard nomenclature is used within the e-library. Documents which were written using previously accepted nomenclature are linked to current accepted taxon names.